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VR Hell Gun


VR Hell Gun

Discover the VR Hell Gun

Immerse yourself in the virtual reality games, shoot your enemy with Helvei  VR Hell GUN!

he VR gaming experience is so cool now, especially when you play VR games You can try almost everything in the VR world, but what I love most is fighting with enemies delightedly with a gun in hand.

The experience of playing VR FPS games with standard controllers is not good enough, because the controllers in hands are not the objects which are similar as real guns, so we developed Helvei  VR Hell GUN, it is the first Helvei VR gun shaped built for VR shooters, and highly recommended to get the best VR shooting experience.

Helvei  VR Hell GUN It’s very well done in that it feels like each gun is a physical object with its own rules and interactions. It feels a bit strange to use a scope in virtual reality when you have to actually hold the gun up to your eye, and requiring the use of two hands to “accurately” handle reloading and putting a round in the chamber is fascinating. The experience treats the firearm less like a prop in an action movie and more like an actual mechanical object.

Connected: Bluetooth technology, With Motor Vibration, LED light, built-in battery, Micro USB 5V charging , electric reminder Low charging. It is Compatible with the iCade platform, 3D VR internet: Mobile games platform, Augmented reality games and Support system: Android, IOS9.2 / IOS9

Reason to buy:

For FPS games, the core is shooting. Helvei VR Hell Gun, is VR Gun shaped controller  that  simulate real gun when you pressing the trigger, for best gaming experience.

AR Gun fit for smartphones 4.”– 5.5” screen
Detachable front shield for enabling smartphone cameras for augmented reality apps Yes
Android and iOS support Yes
Works with all the Google cardboard ecosystem Yes
Bluetooth 3.0 Yes
Rocker director 8 Keys
Motor vibration Yes
Low eleectric reminder Yes
USB 5V charging
Pack Contains VR Hell Gun Flat USB / Micro Cable User Manual

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October 10, 2016