Founded in 1971, HELVEI SA is a Swiss company that designs, develop and manufactures smart devices intended to encounter and bring to higher level the smart life. Helvei, put his maximum efforts to enhance the customer satisfaction via solid, high quality and safe devices.

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Heaven All in One VR 2K


Heaven All in One VR 2K


The HELVEI ALL-IN-ONE was designed with easy and intuitive operation in mind and easily adjustable focus settings to ensure sharp vision even without glasses. Thanks to the additional game controller, the process of navigating and interacting in virtual reality is fun and simple!

The HELVEI ALL-IN-ONE is a virtual reality headset that can operate seamlessly and without any external devices or additional peripheral hardware. The HELVEI ALL-IN-ONE is easy, quick and fun to use straight out of the box, does not require a separate PC to run the headset nor do you need to worry about using a smartphone, you can experience virtual reality anywhere! As the pioneering all in one virtual reality headset teams up with a customized ALLWINNER H8VR chipset, HELVEI ALL-IN-ONE distinguishes itself by tactically avoiding the dizziness and latency, etc. commonest predicaments confronted by other opponents of its kind. In view of the security concerns by contemporaries, V3 loads with a 3200mAh high capacity polymer battery, providing a comparatively lengthy service life of 3.5 hours without sacrificing safety.

The built-in 6-axis gyroscope helps to promote the interaction between wearer and device, which undoubtedly contributing to its compatibility with all CARDBOARD games.  In an effort to optimize virtual reality experience, the Nibiru Operating System is embeded into HELVEI ALL-IN-ONE with Nibiru Store serving over 100 free VR games, App downloads. At the meantime, it leaves space for 3rd party cardboard APP side-load.

Purchase reason:

VR All-in-one 3D Glasses: no phones needed, you just connect the VR to WiFi, and then you can enjoy your own VIP 3D movies and online games at 2K resolution.

Equipped with build-in screen 5.5 Nibiru operating system
Full HD 1920x1080 px
3D support SBS (side-by-side) format for 3D pictures & videos
Supported APK Works with all the Google cardboard ecosystem
Controller Bluetooth 3.0
Battery life 3-3.5 hours, 3500 mAh
Refresh rate 2.0 GHz
Wi-fi supported
Gyroscope supported
Ram/Rom 2 Gb/16Gb
Supports users with myopia up to 6 degrees
VR controller work dinstance 10 meters
VR controller Bluetooth 3.0
Pack Contains Helvei VR ALL-IN-ONE Headset, Helvei VR Controller Bluetooth, Cleaning Cloth, User Manual

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June 5, 2017