Founded in 1971, HELVEI SA is a Swiss company that designs, develop and manufactures smart devices intended to encounter and bring to higher level the smart life. Helvei, put his maximum efforts to enhance the customer satisfaction via solid, high quality and safe devices.

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Proud of our products

We at Helvei team keep always in mind that we should be proud of our products as we are the first users continuously looking to improve, putting the best efforts to match technology trend,  design appeal, high quality of details and the maximum attention to social responsability and enviroment.

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Sport Waterproof Extreme

Helvei presents its Audio Bluetooth Speakers Range. Choose mobility and easy access to your favorite tunes, independent from time and place! HELVEI Audio Bluetooth Speakers are characterized by the perfect sound of Your favorite music.

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Its mean to be a realistic


Virtual reality gaming has finally come of age now that devices like the Hell GUN. Gamers are finally getting the chance to climb inside their favorite games to compete within the virtual game world instead of like an outsider looking in. VR Hell Gun  is the ultimate dream for any player, be they a hardcore gamer or just a casual weekend player.


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It is really easy to use!

Smart Move

The device uses self-balance gyro sensor. It is driven by effortless intuitive balance control, without long preparations – you make it go while standing! The user may control the vehicle themselves – speed up, slow down, brake, turn, etc. – by leaning forward and backwards, as well as by appropriate feet movement. It can also do 360° rotations in one spot.

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Classic design and the modern technology

Smart Watches

It is an elegant watch that will convey messages from your phone onto your wrist without anyone noticing it. An ideal solution not just for a businessman.
E-mails, text messages, Facebook, Skype – silently vibrates displaying notifications about new events from your smartphone.
You will be notified, without anyone else noticing it.

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Discover the virtual reality

Virtual reality

The virtual reality goggles HELVEI HEAVEN VR change your smartphone into an extraordinary portable 3D player for videos, games, images, etc. The device will allow you to discover the world of three-dimensional entertainment. All you need to do is place your smartphone in the dedicated spot, start the 3D material of your choosing, put the device on your head and start watching.

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